SUMMER 2020.


    Happy New Year!

     Welcome, 2020. 

     Welcome back! We hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing winter break, but we are just as excited to reopen and continue our education here at Pico. This winter, Pico will be enjoying the colder months just the same as the warmer months, projects, adventures, and even guest speakers! 

Summertime at Pico is a wonderful time of year. Children all summer long get to participate in growing eight-foot-tall sunflowers, lots of water play, face paints, bubbles, science experiments, and create artistic masterpieces! Pico Small Groups will no longer be in session. Happy Summer!


Pico Top Public Library Book List:

Fall 2020.

 As schools start again, Small Pico Groups are back in session!  Each group allows each child to advance in their own age group. Each group studies the alphabet and numbers. Each group has its own activities and curriculum based on age. 

Shark Group:  Teacher Sarah

StarFish Group: Teacher Val

Dolphin Group: Teacher Alyssa

Sample Menu.





Pico offers a healthy morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. Children always will have available a plate with fresh fruit and vegetables, a protein and whole grain.


Water is always available to children. 


Examples of morning snack items include:

  • oatmeal with fresh fruit

  • egg burritos/bagel sandwiches

  • muffins

  • french toast/pancakes/waffles

  • bagels and cream cheese

  • pretzels/crackers


Examples of lunchtime items include:

  • baked chicken and rice

  • homemade Spanish rice

  • tacos, tostadas, burritos

  • pizza

  • homemade chili's and soups

  • pasta

  • meatballs